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WHO IS THE "RAZORMAN" ?                    


Antonio Sorgiovanni is one of Australia's very best. In this site you will be able to explore the brilliance of this world champion hairdresser and discover the techniques and styles of a world champion.


Antonio Sorgiovanni or as he is commonly known “Sorge”, is an accomplished hair stylist/designer with extensive experience in salon management, training and developing innovative techniques which constantly push the boundaries of hair styling and design. With an enduring number of years experience in the hairdressing industry, Sorgiovanni has achieved distinction as an international hair stylist and has competed in major hairdressing championships.

Antonio styles the hair of many radio and television personalities as well as his photographic work being published nationally and internationally in editorials and pictorials in many popular magazines. Sorge is an expert in colour formations and has worked alongside major colour companies contributing his innovative and educational ideas. He is highly experienced in up-to-date cutting techniques mastering in Oriental, Afro and Western hair types. He also specializes in razor cutting and all facets of barbering, in which having a strong foundation has provided him with refinement in today’s styling.

He now brings to the industry his razor cutting techniques which have impressed many of the industries peers and mentors. Sorgiovanni’s invention made its national debut at Hair Expo Australia in 2002,where he was named the “Razorman” by Anthony and Sue Wynne-Hoelscher. Sorge’s presentation generated an enlivening response and a standing ovation.

One of Sorge’s techniques in particular, the Ribbon Technique, which thickens hair beyond 33% has been globally documented and recognised by the Confederation Mondiale de la Coiffure (C.M.C), and the Confederation of Artistic and Technical (C.A.T) a subsidiary of the C.M.C. Sorgiovanni is the first Australian to be documented for an educational technique that will benefit all and has been invited to educate this technique throughout all their international colleges.

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The Razorman is a World Cup Champion, ranked number two in the World Hairdressing Festival Championships from 1996 – 2000 and was awarded Honorary Grand Class Champion for 2000 – 2002 (bi-annual) at the APHCA World Hair Olympics.

Since 1986, Sorge has competed in over 90 Hairdressing Championships covering all categories and levels of competition: State, National and International Championship events.

In 1993 Sorge became involved in competition judging and progressed to the level of Green and Gold Judge achieving International Judging status. He was also Chairperson of Judges in Western Australia for seven years and is currently a National Member of the Australian Board of Judges.

He consistently achieves high rankings, including:

Fourth Place (Australian Team Member) individually.
First Place Team (Australia) in the World Hairdressing Festival Championships, Bangkok Thailand 1994/96 (Bi-annual).
First Place (Australian Team Member) in the World Hairdressing Festival Championships, Bangkok Thailand 1996/98 (Biannual). 
Ranked No 2 from 1996 to 2000 in the World Hairdressing Festival's International rankings.
First Place (Australian Team Member) Classical Cut and Hair Styling. 
First Place (Australian Team Member) Progressive Cut and Hair Styling APHCA World Hair Olympics held in Perth Australia in 2000. 
Honorary Grand Class Champion for 2000/2002. (Biannual). 

Some of his appearances include:

Invited to represent Australia in Sorrento, Italy for the C.M.C and C.A.T in Estetica Internationale Couture Gala Show Winter Release 2005 in October
Invited to the World Premiere of summer release in Paris for fashion coiffure 
in February 2005

Obtained qualifications in Management, Assessment and Training
Urban Accent release show
Hair Expo education cut for Makarizo
Judging the IHS (International Hairdressing Society) State Championships
Winning Australia the Most Progressive Couture Theme Award "The Oscar"

Front Cover SCOOP Magazine
Developed a further 11 razor cutting techniques

Show Demonstration: Hair 2002 HIS, Burswood Casino Perth
Razor Cutting Workshop: Aphrodite Hair & Beauty, Mandurah
Men’s Styling: Joico Workshops, Sabre Corporation
Razor Cutting Demonstration: Aphrodite Hair & Beauty, Mandurah
Miss Italia Quest, Australia Session Work: DeLorenzo, Burswood Casino
Hair Expo: Culture, Look’n’Learn Razorman Allstar Show, Sydney
World First International Debut of own Razor Cutting Techniques
Demonstrated the Biolonic Creative Ion Stand
All day Razor Cutting Workshop, Joico Sabre Corporation
Men’s Grooming Workshop, American crew
Motivation & Business Building: Aphrodite Hair & Beauty, Mandurah

Ribbon Technique documented globally by C.M.C and C.A.T in Couture Gala Show and Competions, Naples, Italy
Australian Team Stage Leader
Winning Australia the Most Progressive Couture Theme award
Global recognition (C.M.C & C.A.T) and documented: Ribbon Technique (thickens hair beyond 33%)
Session Work: Fashion Week Perth – Viviens Model Search
Advanced Cutting Demonstration: Aphrodite Hair & Beauty, Mandurah
Razorman Show: IHS guest artist, Fox Studios, Sydney
Razorman Workshop: Joico, Sabre Corporation
Razorman Advanced Razoring: Intercoiffer Goldwell

Burswood Show: Public Presentation of Razor Cutting for industry awareness
Joico Workshop demonstrating Razor Cutting
Intercoiffure Razor Workshop
Joico Men’s Workshop
Joico Advanced Razor Cutting Workshop
Guest artist for lifestyle program Sweet & Sour, Channel 31
Joico Show and Presentation: Schwarzkopf Proffesional All Day workshop
HIS City Forrest Chase Public Exhibition for (Can for Kids) Cancer Foundation Fundraiser
Show Demonstration: Hair for Intercoiffer, Geraldton

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Ruth Roche – Rare Education New York USA
“With the new innovative techniques, Antonio Sorgiovanni is the professor of hair cutting”

Paul Woess – National Training Manager Schwarzkopf Professional Australia
“Antonio Sorgiovanni is a pioneer and true ambassador of our industry”

Jas Jhally – Jas International, WA President IHS
"Antonio's attitude towards his clients and his craft is driven by an underlying dedication that goes beyond his commitment to the industry, and inspires us all. This passion is exemplified in his state-of- the-art razor cutting techniques”

Ernest Grady - Owner / Director of House of Ernest. 
"In the past razor cutting was considered damaging. This opinion I believe was stated by people unable to use the razor. However Sorge has changed the image of razor cutting through his world class techniques and great styling finish"

Simon Katzer - International Master 
"Antonio is a thriving bright light in our industry, as a world class master of his craft"                                  

Shane O'Riley - High Fashion Photographer 
"Working closely with the top hair stylists in Australia, Antonio sets new standards through foreseeing future fashion trends and delivers them with true artistry and immaculate finish"     

INSTYLE - The magazine for the hairdressing professional. May/June 2005
Articles about Sorgiovanni’s Ribbon Technique have been featured on the same pages as Robert Lobetta, Trevor Sorbie and Vidal Sassoon, reinforcing that his Techniques are revolutionary, influential and bring a new approach to Australian hairdressing.”